Anja McDonald Workshop

My newborn photography journey began about 4 years ago..... And throughout that time I have been extremely lucky to attend a number of workshops, from one on one mentoring to conference size group observations. Needless to say I learn best in person and hands on!!!!!

Last year I stumbled across this lady in a photography group!! I knew her name and LOVED her work... Anja McDonald. I felt an instant desire to want to chat with her and learn from her, only to discover she did mentoring and was going to be doing a workshop with one of the incredibly talented newborn photographers I have had the pleasure of workshopping with twice before. Those workshops were in Melbourne and Sydney so unfortunately I was unable to attend.

THEN Anja announced a small group workshop on the Gold Coast!!! I just knew I needed to go.... The schedule for the workshop sounded like exactly what I needed. Many, many topics covered which was something I had not come across yet.

Next thing I know I am registered and Anja was already on my tail and helping my business!!!! I was bursting at the seams for this workshop to come around and after becoming a Mother to 3 awesome kids, my patience isn't quite what it used to be....

The weekend finally arrived and I was nervous/anxious/worried.... I walked in the room to be greeted by a group of amazing women!!!! All so lovely, kind and welcoming. I instantly settled in and Anja was in to it. There was NO stone unturned in this 2 day workshop.

Day One covered newborn posing with baby on own and parent shots.... It was so great to see how Anja used her lighting as she truly is a guru with studio lighting. And even after attending a number of newborn workshops, I STILL picked up some awesome handy tips.

The rest of day one was editing, business and marketing part one - YES part one!!!

Now for someone who does out source editing I gained so many new skills and tips so I LOVED learning from Anja.

Day Two was maternity posing. Now even though I have been in business for nearly 4 years, I have not done alot of maternity... Let alone nude maternity. I'll be honest I was worried if the women would be comfortable so I never really ventured down that path... OMG it was the most tasteful process and I have the utmost respect for our 2 GORGEOUS models who just went with the flow.... The images I took that day I still look at and think WOW I was a part of this.... And it is definelty a style of maternity session I would love to offer moving forward.

The rest of day two was more editing, business and marketing. The days were HUGE and absolutely value for money!!!!

It has been a few weeks and my head is still buzzing with ideas and tips to help my business. The best part is you get to keep in touch with Anja... YES we've spoken on the phone many times, messaged and she is always there to bounce things off. I cannot begin to thank her for being so amazingly talented and for taking me under her wing xxx

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