~ Baby and Kids Preparation Guide ~

What to Bring​​

  • You dont need to worry if you dont have any outfits for your baby as I have plenty of things and also I do many photos where bubs doesn't need clothes. I have plenty of wraps, headbands etc

  • Avoid logos and cartoon characters. Jeans with tops work great as well as pretty sundresses for girls.  Bring several outfits along to your shoot then we can assist you in making the final choice on what would best suit the look and feel you are going for in your child's portraits.​

  • Make sure you bring some more casual outfits but also bring some more dresser outfits like dresses or shirts for boys.  If you’re unsure of an outfit just bring it anyway the more options the better. If there is more than one subject, consider whether the clothes will mix together, or clash. But don’t worry too much about what they’re wearing – put most of your effort instead into making sure they’re relaxed and in a good mood. Remember, a winning shot of your child is one with their eyes lit up, and their unique character revealed and captured.

  • Please bring along at least 1-3 outfit options.


  • If your children are being photographed together, you need to make sure that the clothes are similar in style. In studio sessions your children/babies will have bare feet as shoes look awkward in photos.

  • I suggest bringing some Headbands and Hair Clips however I do have some that can be used so dont stress if you do not have any.


Important Things to Remember

  • When booking your baby or kids session choose a time of day that best suits your child so they are hopefully at their happiest. I usually recommend that you pack a bag containing your child’s favourite snacks. Please make sure you also bring along tissues and baby wipes.

  • Please make sure that you child’s hair is neatly groomed.

  • Please make sure your child’s face is clean and nose free of boogers!  You would be shocked how often they feature in photographs! They are also hard to remove in photoshop

  • If your child still dribbles please try to avoid dressing them in patterned fabrics and keep a bib on them up until we are ready to take the photos.

During the photo session it is very common that your child may be shy at first, its a new place and to be expected.  I will make sure that they warm to me in their own time :)

Leave the rest to me!

Thanks xx